Fantasy September Wildcard – Three Mean Streets by Frank Tuttle

I stumbled upon Frank Tuttle the other day on the web. Why you ask? Because I am a nerd and sometimes I like to find books and writers that doesn’t get a lot of a attention through mainstream media. So basically I just dig around and after reading I thought that my wildcard will be Markhat by Frank Tuttle.

About Markat by Frank Tuttle

Welcome to Rannit, an ancient city awash in magic and mayhem. Wracked by war, but embracing the dubious wonders of steam and iron, Rannit is on the path to renewal – but old magics and older shadows won’t go easily into the light.

Markhat earns his living as a finder. On behalf of his clients, Markhat will find anyone, or anything, for a fee. In Three Mean Streets, his clients include a dead man’s ghost, a mighty Troll warrior seeking his cousin’s mounted head, and the true identity of the corpse allegedly stalking the grounds of a rich widow’s mansion.

Markhat doesn’t believe in ghosts and walking corpses, but for twenty crowns a day, plus expenses, he’ll wade in swinging. With the aid of soothsayer and card-reader Mama Hog, Markhat sets out on three perilous cases, and they share only one thing in common – nothing in Rannit is quite what it seems, and sometimes good and dead isn’t good enough.

Fantasy is not what I read most of nowadays it but this one looks promising just from the synopsis and Frank’s blog and and there’s a bit of steampunk in there which can’t be a bad thing for me. And also, reading fantasy always reminds me of my childhood. It’s worth a go and for a fantasy pick why not pick Three Mean Streets by Frank Tuttle and do visit his blog where he goes over zombies, dragons and writes about his projects, dog and altered 60’s fantasy magazines.

Available on kindle and  audiobook on amazon.